Our Story

The founders of The Gorgeous Skin Company in Singapore have been working in the cocoa & food ingredients business for more than three decades.

The first spark

They learned about the wonderful properties of 100% natural cocoa flavanols on their travels to Africa, South-America, and Indonesia where most of the cocoa beans grow. When they first tried to preserve these flavanols in chocolate however, they miserably failed. It turned out that chocolate needs so much processing and other ingredients (such as sugar and fat before it can be consumed), that it was impossible to make chocolate with skin care properties.

The creation of something special

Some years passed as they searched for a way to bring cocoa flavanols to people who want some additional skin care. Following their dream, they ended up creating an easy-to-consume and delicious tasting beverage that can provide you with all the benefits of cocoa flavanols. They believe in the strength, care and protection that a 100% natural ingredient, like cocoa flavanols can bring.

And who would not dream of a world where everybody who cares about their skin-health and skin-beauty can enjoy skin care & protection with a great-tasting small refreshment?

To do the trick, PURPLE 8® contains exactly the right amount of cocoa flavanols, so that you only need one daily serving regularly to enjoy the care and protection you need. Try it out and let us know what you think.

A bit about us

We are outdoor people. We love sports, we spend our free time outdoors working out and enjoying nature. We work hard, but we live healthy. For us PURPLE 8® was not only what we found to be a wonderful drink to produce, but also a great product we were looking forward to be able to enjoy every day.

Of course our wives pushing us to get it on the market and into our refrigerator fast was not an unimportant factor in the whole Purple8 story. But hey, it is was what we love…..

We personally enjoy our PURPLE 8® during breakfast, but it really does not matter when you take the opportunity to take care of your skin.

With that, we will leave you to enjoy the delicious PURPLE 8® drink and hope to hear from you!

Warm wishes!