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Beautiful, firm & young skin


PURPLE 8® is a new skincare innovation with natural ingredients uniquely combined into a delicious drink for people who would like to take a little extra care of their skin.

> Increase hydration of your skin
> Provide protection from excessive UV light
> Improve skin firmness and elasticity
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Naturally Effective Ingredients

PURPLE 8® works by combining three powerful, natural ingredients into a unique combination to deliver a nourishing essence that adds to the care of your skin:

Active Flavanols

Unique flavanols are the key to providing caring nutrition and protection for your skin. It is derived from carefully selected cocoa fruits that enrich every sip you take with these caring elements.

Rich Vitamins

Fresh and fruity flavours of blueberries and strawberries are part of this secret recipe that not only gives it a wonderfully refreshing taste but also adds essential Vitamins A and C to your daily dose of goodness.

Hydrating Water

The clean water source nourishes the body with hydration and makes sure all the good nutrients are sent to every part of your body - fast, convenient and effective!                        

Exclusive Launch

- available from March 1, 2017 -